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It has been a busy few days with the club and we caught up with the manager to discuss what has been happening. Yes in terms of structure we are looking to add both key people within the coaching team and on the pitch. We have managed to secure the majority of the squad now on contracts and have the possibility of 2/3 being added this week. We are actively looking at further options to add strength in depth to the squad and hopefully those can be concluded next week before the season starts. We have added Wayne Harrison as the GK Coach and he knows the club inside out along with being local to the area and I am delighted he has decided to come on board after a wee break. It is important for the club to have an identity and Wayne fits that bill perfectly, I feel it is important also for the experienced players to show the correct way and I am also keen on their development especially coaching opportunities . It is important for any club who have players with good junior or senior experience that they have that option to progress and add to the identity of the team and fully utilise that experience especially with the younger players. We want to create a pathway within the structure of the club and that is so every player finds their own level and we can offer that, it does take time but so far it has been very positive with Brechin Youths in which the youngsters have shown great attitude and have shown in games that if your good enough your old enough. I would ideally like a situation in which we have the youth teams then that can progress into potentially a linked Amateur team and ourselves at the top of that pyramid as the Semi Pro junior club, with a pyramid system like that we can hopefully hold onto local talent so all teams benefit. I know in the area there are a few amateur teams and I believe certainly some of those players within those clubs can step up to Junior level and test themselves in the junior ranks.